User agreement with the exchange service

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Agreement defines the conditions for the provision of services by the exchange platform.

1.2. Under the Exchange site means the web resource, engaged in the exchange of electronic currency.

1.3. Clients are individuals and organizations that have expressed a desire to complete a transaction through the exchange platform (hereinafter referred to as the Site).

1.4. If the Client and the Site are mentioned together, then they are called Parties.

1.5. The parties agreed that this agreement, executed in electronic form, is equal to a written contract.

1.6. The agreement is a public offer, which the Customer accepts by creating a request for an exchange issued at

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The site provides services in accordance with the list indicated in clause 4. The Client must comply with the conditions listed in clause 9. The provision of services is governed by the Regulations set forth in clause 5.

2.2. Services are provided on a paid basis. The client who performed the operation through the Site must pay for its services.

3. Mutual obligations of the Parties

3.1. Site Responsibilities:

3.1.1. Convert title units of such systems as Qiwi, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, AdvCash, and others in accordance with the Regulations.

3.1.2. Provide customers with information and technical support.

3.1.3. To ensure the confidentiality of information about the transactions performed (meaning the time of the operation and its amount). This information is provided only to the Client who has made the corresponding payment. If an anonymous service participated in the transaction, the operation becomes confidential and information about it is not disclosed.

3.1.4. Restrict third-party access to data on the performance of exchange transactions.

3.1.5. To provide the Client with a discount on the conditions specified in the Regulations.

3.1.6. Transfer money to the Client’s account no later than one day after receiving a complaint from him in the manner specified in clauses 3.2.5 or 5.4-5.6 of this Agreement.

3.2. Customer Responsibilities:

3.2.1. Provide the Site with complete and accurate data to complete the translation.

3.2.2. Mark the real email address to receive notifications from the Site.

3.2.3. Provide access to the network using computer or other equipment.

3.2.4. Adhere to the provisions of this Agreement.

3.2.5. Inform the administration if the transfer was not completed in full or in part, as well as the situations described in clauses 5.4-5.6. The message must be sent no later than 30 days after the occurrence of the event indicated above. In case of non-compliance with this condition, all disputed amounts will be credited in favor of the Site.

3.2.6. Comply with the laws of the country in whose territory he is legally located, as well as of the state to which he belongs.

3.2.7. Adhere to the requirements of laws governing the conduct of exchange transactions through the Internet.

3.3. The site has the right to:

3.3.1. Temporarily suspend work for technical work and troubleshooting.

3.3.2. Stop the execution of the transaction when a complaint is received from the Client about fraud or complaints from partners and representatives of the competent authorities. The operation stops until the necessary circumstances are clarified.

3.3.3. Provide discounts on your own.

3.3.4. Set and change the amount of fees for services provided.

3.3.5. Refuse a potential Client to provide services without explaining the reasons.

3.3.6. Request the Client to confirm the money transfer using mobile communications, e-mail or a screenshot of the digital wallet, if an error was made during the exchange.

3.3.7. Stop communicating with the Client if he is inadequately behaving or does not provide the data necessary to resolve the issue raised by him.

3.3.8. Block a transaction if a situation arose, as provided for in paragraphs 5.4-5.6 of the Agreement.

3.3.9. Block the transfer and do not return the money until the identity of the Client has been established.

3.3.10. The administration of the service has the opportunity to keep the execution of the application until the circumstances are clarified in those cases:

3.3.11. If the client has committed any kind of fraudulent activity on ours, or on third-party exchange services. In this case, the client is blacklisted and is obliged to indemnify the damage partially or fully depending on the amount of damage.

3.3.12. If the client, when making the previous exchange, received a payment more than the system specified in error, or an operator on our and third-party exchange services. In this case, the client reimburses the damage caused from the amount received by the application, or makes the payment in full.

4. Services provided by the Site

4.1. The site conducts operations for the conversion of electronic money.

4.2. Partners of the Site are banking institutions, according to the list provided on the official page.

4.3. The competence of the exchange service does not include checking the Client for the presence of his rights to the funds used for making the exchange.

5. Terms of transaction

5.1. The operation is carried out only after receipt of funds to the Site account.

5.2. The exchange is considered completed after the transfer of money to the Client.

5.3. The client can not cancel the already started transaction or claim a refund of money transferred to perform the exchange.

5.4. If the Client has sent an amount, the value of which does not correspond to the request, then the Site may stop the transaction. The exchange is carried out only after the Customer has applied in the manner specified in clause 3.2.5. Moreover, the transfer is made on the basis of the actual amount transferred at the rate applicable at the beginning of the transaction.

5.5. If the client incorrectly identified the account, then the Site does not conduct the operation. The return of funds is carried out only after the Client’s appeal in the order of clause 3.2.5. The site charges a fee, as well as a penalty of 2% of the payment.

5.6. The site can block a transaction if the Customer has made a payment from another account or has changed the amount of the payment. The money is refunded only after the Client’s appeal in the order of clause 3.2.5. The site charges a fee and a penalty of 1% of the payment.

5.7. If the Client changes the electronic money for Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, then it should be taken into account that operations in the network take from fifteen minutes to several days. The duration of the transfer does not depend on the Site, which cannot speed up the payment.

5.8 The user must make payment on the application no later than 15 minutes, because otherwise his application can be deleted or recalculated at the current rate.

6. Site Guarantees and Parties Liability

6.1. The site is not responsible for incorrect filling of the application or other errors when using the resource. Cancellation of the operation is not provided, even if the transfer is sent to someone else's account.

6.2. The site is not responsible for the damage caused to the equipment used for conversion.

6.3. The site is not responsible for delays or inaccuracies caused by credit institutions or EPS

6.4. The site shall not be liable for losses if the Customer has made incorrect judgments about the profitability of the conversion transactions.

6.5. The costs caused by the delay of the operation or errors committed in its course are borne by the Client.

6.6. The client confirms that he has the authority to dispose of the money used in the exchange.

6.7. Losses inflicted to third parties as a result of the use of the Site’s capabilities by the Client are subject to compensation at the expense of the latter. Damage is deducted from future transactions.

6.8. All exchange transactions occur exclusively on the site The site does not cooperate with other services on the provision of bonuses and other promotional offers on our behalf.

7. Changes to the terms of service

7.1. The administration has the right to amend or supplement the Agreement at any time. The new edition comes into force after publication on the official page of the resource

7.2. The administration of the service has the ability to add / adjust points of exchange rules, as well as rules of referral charges and cumulative discounts without individual notification of the client. Any innovations come into force after the appearance of relevant information on our website.

8. Force Majeure

8.1. The onset of force majeure relieves the Parties from liability for failure to comply with the Agreement or its late implementation. Such circumstances include the terrorist attack, war, natural disaster, fire, hacker attack, the actions of the authorities, lack of access to the power supply networks, communications, the Internet.

9. The procedure for the implementation of exchange transactions

9.1. It is forbidden to use the facilities of the Site to perform illegal operations. The client agrees that for attempting to exchange dubious funds, he is subject to liability under the rules of the state in which the violation was committed.

9.2. When making a dubious payment, the Site may transfer information about it to law enforcement authorities, the victim or another EPS at their request.

9.3. To complete the transaction, the Client must withdraw the appropriate amount of money from the digital wallet. Checking the legality of the use of these funds is not within the competence of the Site. The client guarantees that he has the authority to exchange currency.

9.4. To perform a bank transfer, Internet banking EPS is involved. If an ATM or an operator of a credit institution was used for the operation, then the money must be returned within 24 hours. If the transfer was made to the card of Sberbank, Privatbank and others, the Customer will be charged 1%. Refunds are carried out only after the Customer has identified the Site security service. To do this, he must take a snapshot of the used card on the background of the passport and upload the picture for subsequent verification.

9.5. The site is not responsible for the exchange with third parties with the consent of the Client.

9.6. It is forbidden to use the exchange service for multiple applications in order to extract the final profit due to the difference in the rates of this service.

9.7. The client, by clicking on the button “I agree with the rules of the exchange”, expresses unconditional agreement with all the terms of the Agreement.